Credit for Land Purchase And Rural Property – Which Is Better?



Purchase of land and rural property. We know that rural producers and small farmers are one of the fundamental parts of the Brazilian economy. Family farming is one of the sectors that has suffered most from the current crisis and the reforms that have been taking place since the change of government. Moreover, the lack of economic stability has greatly complicated the lives of these workers. But how to make financing for land purchase and rural property ?

How to obtain credit for land purchase and rural property?

For all this, more than ever, these workers and this sector of the economy need every possible support. The rural producer has several options when looking for investments and credit to improve his business. Whether by federal government incentives or even private banks, loans to farmers, rural and alternative financing can be obtained to improve the business of those who live on the land.

The rural producer who is interested in asset financing has several possibilities to get the resources it needs. It all depends on your case. The best option, especially for small producers, is to start looking for incentives offered by the government.

There is also the possibility of seeking direct loans from banks or financial institutions. Each of these entities has its conditions. Knowing the best type of loan for you requires research. The National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) has specific programs for rural producers. You can request the BNDES Rural card to obtain credit and finance the purchase of rural properties and land .

To obtain this card, the applicant must be a rural producer and a natural person, with gross annual sales of up to 300 million reais, resident and domiciled in the country. It is also necessary to be in a regular situation and with documentation up-to-date.

Access the website There the rural producer must fill in some information. After that, he goes to the bank selected to make the loan and signs a compromise. This type of card and the credit offered is for individuals only.

Know the Land Credit Program


Another possibility for those seeking financing is the program of the Secretary of Family Agriculture and Agrarian Development, Sead, the National Land Credit Program (PNCF). This program is aimed at the family farmer and aims to encourage the development of the small rural farmer.

Those who intend to use this benefit must meet certain requirements. The producer can not be a public servant or have previously benefited from any Agrarian Reform program. He must be a rural worker or the son of family farmers or a student of agro-technical schools, aged between 18 and 29 years.

In addition, the annual family income of the beneficiary must vary from 9 thousand to 30 thousand reais and equity between 15 thousand and 60 thousand reais, depending on the line accessed. The beneficiary has 20 years to repay the loan debt.

Those who are interested in obtaining this benefit should seek the Union of Rural Workers or Family Farming in their municipality or contact the State Technical Unit.

Important steps when applying for rural credit



Buying land and investing in rural land can be a good idea for anyone looking for a safe and profitable venture. Despite the risks and the mishaps, this is still one of the most guaranteed investments for those who want tranquility and a fuller end of the month.

The credit or loan for buying land and rural property is a good way for you to get money for that purpose. However, before you apply for the loan, really understand your needs and be punctual with your commitments. Research and study are key at this stage of your business.


Tips for applying for a rural credit for land purchase



Assess whether the amount of benefits is in your spending budget. Make sure you can pay for everything on time and avoid interest rates. Know well the land you will buy. If possible, visit before to see if you will not have any extra expenses.

The interested in requesting credit to buy a land or rural property must know how much of their budget is willing and able to commit to realize this dream. See if applying for the loan is the best solution for you and evaluate the best option. Saving your business is possible, yes. Study your possibilities.

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Searching for Investment Capital


Look for investment capital – You could at any time have an incredible idea to create a china business or a revolutionary new product in the field of technology or commerce. But without capital, it would surely be just another idea. The cool thing is that everything can be solved if you have access to a large bundle of money saved for years as a reserve for the days of the storm.

Who has a business idea has two options: you can try to start the business with equity or start and expand the growth with investor capital. In the market there are angel investors and venture capitalists and many other sources of alternative capital for those seeking cash credit to capitalize on a business or company.

Tips for Finding Investment Capital

I am a big fan of people who create their startups using only their own resources, and it can be a viable option if you are extremely cautious when it comes to expenses if you have a little money seed and if your business concept will generate flow box immediately.

If you are not a bootstrap and are looking for investment capital then it is good to make some financial adjustments and you will definitely need financing and working capital. This support may come from a source or from various sources. While every business financing option has pros and cons, there are certain mistakes that you need to understand to avoid when looking for your startup capital. See below the five related errors.

1. Underestimate how much money you need for the business


Many entrepreneurs believe they will have a lower cost and more chances of securing financing if they ask the lender for a smaller amount of money, but this approach will not be good, it has two problems. First, most investors will see that you have underestimated how much it would take to make the business successful, and get away from it.

Even if you get secured financing, you will end up running out of money when you ask for less money than you really need. When you know how much money you will need to start your business, you are more likely to receive the capital to leverage your idea.

Most startups fail at this, so when looking for investment capital, you need to do everything possible to know exactly the right amount, and a little more to take a breath and survive.

2. Undo equity to start business


Investors often want an attractive share in exchange for their initial money, but giving up a very large percentage of the company at the outset can be disastrous.

In an ideal world, you would not even need to look for investment capital, you would have enough money for the first round of investments to become profitable, eliminating the need to raise more money again. Unfortunately, startups and fintechs face many challenges, obstacles and unforeseen events throughout the journey, unfortunately it is not possible to predict the future and have the best results possible.

That’s why it’s important not to overdo business participation, no entrepreneur starts this strenuous day with the goal of being a minority owner in his own company.

3. Obtain Personal Credit Card Debt


Many start-up founders of companies use their personal credit cards to finance their business, which is one of the most expensive financing options if you have a minimum of credit in the square.

Studies show that startup companies that rely heavily on credit card financing will typically fail. Leveraging debts using personal credit card puts the borrower in a very bad position, especially if the deal does not work out.

If you need to close the deal, you still will have a mountain of debt on your shoulders that must be returned to creditors on the card. If you delay payments, your credit score will be destroyed, your history stained and all your personal finances will be adversely impacted.

Note: ” Every entrepreneur thinks his idea is a winner because of optimism and confidence, but do not let it intoxicate your judgment, especially when it can potentially ruin your personal finances .”


4. Make advance loans with no consultation


With so many individuals seeking funding to start a business, it should not be surprising that there are criminals trying to take advantage of these business wishes. In advance rate loan scams is guaranteed that the financing or working capital no matter how bad the credit history, CNPJ with restriction in the SPC and Serasa, is released.

They ask for an initial fee – often saying it is to process the credit – and once you pay the fee, the loan will never happen. If you find one of these down payment rate scams, you can report it to the appropriate agencies.


5. Do not have a detailed cash flow analysis



Anyone who is about to release a loan for you or your business, whether it is a credit company or traditional financial institution, will want to know if you have full control over the cash flow and more importantly, how you plan to spend that money.

When looking for investment capital , developing a cash flow analysis will show potential investors that you have firm control from the operational to the administrative side of the business.

Also, a cash flow analysis is very difficult to fake, and this lets you know how good your great idea might be for what you want to invest.


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Cash Mortgage: How the Mortgage Property Works Box


Is It Worth It to Mortgage Property Box ? Do you want to know what conditions and rules the bank has? Caixa is already known as one of the banks that offers good conditions and interest, but to make the mortgage requires care, as there are also risks. But when well thought out and calculated, there is no reason to distrust.

In mortgage, the client gives as collateral to their home or car in exchange for the loan, this is also known as refinancing. The Mortgage makes both the mortgage and the vehicle, but the conditions of assessments, payment and interest may vary, so it is recommended to do a search before requesting this financial product .

Real Estate Mortgage

If you want to guarantee your property in exchange for the loan , CEF offers the Real Estate Mobile Credit. This modality is aimed at the individual, in which he gives the property as collateral, to obtain the money. With this procedure you do not need to prove to the bank what you will do with the amount received, that is, you do what you want with it. Obvious, as long as it is used with caution! About the conditions:

  1. Loan of up to 60% of the value of your property
  2. Payment in up to 20 years (240 installments)
  3. Discounted installments in the account, ie, convenience when paying


Rules of Mortgage



To make a simulation to apply for Mortgage of Property Box , know the rules: you must have an account in the bank, the house must be removed and in your name. What’s more, it can not have financial backlogs, such as IPTU delays. If you are in compliance with the rules, go to an agency and present the documents as: RG / CPF, Proof of Marital Status, Proof and income and residence and the registration of the property.

Already to know how much interest you will pay, just doing a simulation, because this can vary greatly from the value of the property, payment options. Caixa usually presents good conditions and interest, compared to other financial institutions. To know more and know the regulation, click here:


How Auto Cash Advance Works


Now if you think about putting your car as collateral for the operation, the conditions are different compared to the house. In this mode known as Auto Contribution you can get that extra money you need so much. The conditions are these:

1-Release of up to 70% of the value of the car;

2-Payment in up to 48 months, ie, four years;

3- Payment is made by debit to account;

How Mortgage Cash Box Works

Some rules are very clear in the Cashier and the value of the loan may vary depending on the manufacture of the vehicle. For example: the vehicle with up to two years of manufacturing, the customer gets up to 70% of the value of the car as a loan. But the value varies if the vehicle has between 3 and 5 years of manufacturing, there is released up to 60% of the value of the car as a loan.

The documents requested to request this financial product are: CPF and RG, proof of Income and Residence, document of the vehicle in your name, personal documents of guarantors and / or guarantors, forms and the records of registration and documentation of the vehicle. To know more and know the regulation, click here.


Am I in debt? Is it Worth It to Make a Mortgage?



After being well acquainted with the rules and conditions of the real estate mortgage Box you must be wondering: is it really worth doing? Yes it is! But really if you need a lot of money, such as paying a very high debt, then yes it’s worth it. Just because you have a longer term to pay, and interest rates are lower.

But it is not worth doing home mortgage loan or car loan if you do not know how you will use this amount. In case, if you need a little money, it is recommended to make a personal loan. Even if the monthly interest rate is higher, if you can not afford it you will not risk losing your property or car.

In addition to Caixa, the other major banks also have mortgages in their portfolio of financial products

  • Bank of Brazil Property Mortgage
  • Mortgage of Property Banco Itau Unibanco
  • Bradesco Property Mortgage

So if you are in debt and do not know how to get out of the “red”, use this financial product with caution and planning. Be aware at the time of making, are fixed and monthly installments and in case you can not pay, then yes the bank can file an appeal to pawn the property or car. In any case, if you organize, do a research and then yes close the deal!

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Payday Loan with Check

What is Payday Loan

What is Payday Loan

When the money is short and an emergency takes you by surprise, payday loan can be a good solution, since it is usually a mode with easy release, even with CPF analysis. What is worth remembering here is that, although it offers more facilities, it usually has higher rates.

In addition to the traditional way, the client can also carry out this payday loan by means of a pre-dated check. It works as follows: the customer makes the pre-dated checks available as a form of payment of the debt and the financial or the bank discounts the amount according to the chosen date monthly. Remember that if there is no balance on the check discount date, it is protested and may even deny the customer’s name.

Payday Loan is a type of loan where the resources made available are made available to the borrower, you can use them freely.

In general it is credited to the current account or through DOC up to R $ 4,999.00 and TED from R $ 5,000.00 or registered check. We will approach the payday loan mode with a check so that you can make a comparative analysis in relation to the other modalities and decide on the type of credit line that best meets your needs.

  • The payday loan with check is more suitable for the formal or autonomous consumer who has a link with a checking account.
    The loan installments are paid on check sheets that you advance in the act of hiring. For example, if you pay your debts in 24 months, you will have to leave 24 check forms filled with the amount of the installments for each of the due dates.
    The advantages of this type of loan is that interest rates are lower, since to hire you prove income and use the check as collateral. In addition, the limit is usually higher in relation to other modalities.
    Normally, the documents required for borrowing are: RG, CPF, Proof of Income and Residence. But it can range from financial to financial.

Interest rates for check loans can range from 3.53% to 15.00% (Brazil’s leading banks and financial institutions). The criterion that determines the value of the rate is individual, that is, each financial defines its own. Search the market options.

Payday Loan Features

Payday Loan Features

Where to obtain the credit: Banks, Financial, Credit cooperatives, credit promoters and banking correspondents.
Basic requirements: approved register and guarantees (in some cases guarantor and / guarantor or other)
Deadlines: usually between 1 and 15 months; except for some exceptions in which the term is up to 24 months, the payment may be in a single installment or installment with monthly and equal amortization. 

Purposes of Payday Loan

Purposes of Payday Loan

Indicated for:
Small needs that are not for the acquisition of goods or services of high value – in this case cited there are more suitable alternatives and cheaper interest.
Refinancing debts or consolidating debts, using the possibility of increasing deadlines and / or offering guarantees to obtain cost reduction.
Replacement or discharge of debts with higher and more expensive interest, eg: overdraft and credit card etc.

Now that you already know how Payday Loan or payday loan works, and you are in need of credit, on the internet there are a dozen bank and financial websites, which can even do loan simulation online.

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Czech Asset Management, LP creates a revolving credit fund with assets in portfolio of 4,500 million dollars

The SJC Revolver Fund is a direct lending strategy focused

today announced the formation of SJC Direct Lending Revolving Fund III, LP (“SJC Revolver Fund”), a fund of Direct loans mainly focused on revolving loans, which Czech expects will serve as a complement to the emblematic direct loan funds already existing in the company. All capital raised for the SJC Revolver Fund comes from current Czech investors and has been raised in less than 3 months. Czech’s global investor base consists of public and private pension funds, endowments, foundations, Taft-Hartley plans, family wealth managers and high-income earners.
primarily on providing revolving, privately negotiated, floating rate, secured and asset-based preferential loans and cash flow to mid-market companies in the United States with annual revenues of between 75 and 500 million dollars or more and an annual EBITDA of between 7.5 and 50 million dollars or more.

According to Steve Czech, managing partner, and director of Investments, “we are extremely grateful to our investors for their continued trust and loyalty. The SJC Revolver Fund allows potential loan applicants to reduce complexity, documentation, the cost of transactions and the closing time of an agreement by having access to the decision maker of a single lender in an uninterrupted manner, 7 days a week, every day of the year, and with the SJC Revolver Fund, Czech can offer the potential loan applicants a truly centralized platform for guaranteed debt financing solutions, ranging from revolving credit to installment loans”.

Czech, with approximately $ 4.5 billion of committed and invested capital

considerable co-investment capacity is a direct lending firm based in Old Greenwich, Connecticut, committed to the granting of revolving loans. , privately negotiated, based on assets and cash flow, floating rate and guaranteed preferential loans, as well as term loans with first and second encumbrances, mainly to mid-market companies in the United States with an annual income of between 75 and 500 million dollars or more and an annual EBITDA of between 7.5 and 50 million dollars or more.

About Stephen J. Czech: Steve Czech has more than 28 years of experience in contracting credit and corporate finance, as well as a long history of establishing and managing direct loan credit funds. His experience includes obtaining, structuring, contracting, monitoring and restructuring corporate loans. Prior to forming Czech, Steve Czech worked for a number of major firms, including Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse Group AG, Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette (“DLJ”) and Banc of America Securities LLC. Steve Czech and his family are prominent donors and advocates of causes related to childhood terminal illnesses, serving and retired members of the United States Navy Special Operations Force

(Navy SEALs) and their families, emergency services ( that is to say, the police, the firemen and the technicians of medical emergencies) and the scholarships for students of the institute with few resources in all United States. Steve Czech is the founder and co-chair of the Mikey Czech Foundation, a member of the Advisory Board of the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago, a Laureate member of the Dean Society of the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago, a member of the President’s Club and Parent Executive Committee of Villanova University, member of the Benacerraf Society of the Harvard Medical School / Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and member of the Pediatric Oncology Visiting Committee of the Harvard Medical School / Institute of Cancer Dana-Farber. Steve Czech holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Marquette University and a Master of Business Administration from the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago.

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