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The reason why you have to choose Eugene over others is that they are particularly recognized for having one of the country’s most manageable credit products. With their credit, you are guaranteed fixed prices and a fixed installment, which is not something that you find among all credit solutions.

Be sure to Request an instant payday loan online now

By choosing an instant payday loan online from us, you only pay what you withdraw from your credit. You can sign up for a free trial.

With us, you can apply for instant payday loans online which are super fast loans. Eugene works slightly differently than with a regular loan. For a regular loan, you usually get the money paid out in one go, after which you have to pay a monthly benefit and an interest every month. At Eugene, you only pay installments on the part you use. If there is money that you do not end up using anyway, you do not have to pay off these. This means that if you receive a credit of DKK 15,000 and choose to withdraw or DKK 3,000, it is only the DKK 3,000 that you pay installments and interest on.

The special thing about Eugene is that you first get the full amount of credit available when you have paid your fourth installment. This means that you can only get DKK 5,000 from your credit, even if you have borrowed DKK 15,000 the day you receive the loan. In order to get more money available, you must pay your second installment and so on until you have paid your fourth installment. So it ends up going four months before you get access to your full credit and can withdraw it.

The benefits of Eugene

There are several different benefits to Eugene, but one of the big ones is that you do not have to fill in a long application form or go through a slow application process. Eugene is just proud of their short application process and quick payment. With them, you can already have the money on your account the same day you apply.

Another advantage is that it is easy for you to manage the money when you choose to borrow from Eugene. You only need to raise the actual amount that you need, and if you end up not having to spend the last DKK 5,000 or the like, you will not have to pay interest and repayments on this.

As a third advantage, you have 14 days of the right of withdrawal. That is, you can withdraw the loan within 14 days after the credit agreement is concluded. This is a great advantage if you unexpectedly come to money and therefore do not need the loan anyway.

Requirements are made for you as a borrower

Eugene makes some demands on you as a potential borrower. This means that you cannot borrow money from them unless you meet the following requirements:

You must be at least 21 years old
You must have NemID
You must live in Denmark
You must have a Danish telephone number
You must have an account in a Danish bank
You must be able to document a healthy economy
You must not be registered in the RKI or debtor register.

How to borrow

When you apply for a loan with Eugene, you must create your profile. It takes no more than a few minutes to create this. After you have done this and selected the amount that you want to borrow, just sign your application with your NemID. You create a profile so you can borrow and access your credit. It all, therefore, takes place on their website, and you can, therefore, raise your credit from your computer as well as from your mobile or tablet.

Payback over 12 months

When you choose to borrow from Eugene, this is a fixed repayment period of 12 months. Therefore, you cannot decide for yourself how long a term you have. On the other hand, you decide when you choose to redeem the full credit during these 12 months. The faster you choose to redeem your credit, the less you have to pay in total credit costs. It can, therefore, be a great advantage to redeem the credit as quickly as possible.

As long as you can pay back within the 12 months, you can spend the money just as you like. No one is watching what the money is spent on, and therefore you do not have cold sweat running down your back every time you use the borrowed money.

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