How to accelerate your fast loans even more?

Fast online loans and credits represent the most urgent form of financing. They are managed in a very short time, since both the application and the analysis is done online, with hardly any paperwork and without useless delays. The answer is usually almost immediate and the money goes into your account without waiting. However, there are several aspects that influence the speed of concession. What do you have to do, if you want to speed up the process and further speed up the process?


Look with which banks the lender operates

lender operates

Once your application is approved, the lender sends the money granted without any delay. A transaction between accounts of the same bank is almost immediate, however, between different entities it can take up to 24/48 hours. Depending on the banks, transfers of loans and quick loans take more or less.

If you want to dispose of your money without any delay, before requesting a loan you should check where the chosen entity has accounts. To get the money instantly, it is better to turn to those companies that have an account in the same bank as you.


Have the documentation ready

loan documentation

In general, the requirements and the necessary documentation to request the mini loans and fast microcredits are usually very few. However, you must provide minimal documentation to the lender with which you could verify and evaluate your profile. Depending on each lender and the particular situation, different documents may be required, but in common you will need:


Identification document

Prepare a copy of a valid identity document (DNI, NIE, passport) in color and on both sides. Both to verify your age and other personal data, and to certify your residence in Spain.


Bank statement

This document serves both to prove that you are the owner of a bank account in which the lender could enter the money, as well as to check your situation and financial history.


Proof of income

To justify some regular income with which you can face the repayment of the loan granted. It can be both a payroll and any other type of periodic, sufficient and demonstrable income – be it the pension, unemployment benefit, VAT returns, etc.

Having the documents prepared in advance is advisable both to avoid complications, and to speed up the approval process. If you are missing a document or you do not have everything in order, the approval of your application is delayed, since correcting the failures will waste time.


Request within business hours

Request within business hours

Urgent loan and credit entities operate completely online and their service is usually available 24/7. You can send your request from any place at any time. But if you need the loan as soon as possible, it is advisable to consult the customer service hours and send your request within this business hours. So that your case can be evaluated at the moment, without waiting for the staff to be working.

One of the main advantages of fast loans and credits online is speed. To enjoy instant financing, you should always take into account aspects that may take as long as it can speed up the process of granting your quick loans.

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