Cash Mortgage: How the Mortgage Property Works Box


Is It Worth It to Mortgage Property Box ? Do you want to know what conditions and rules the bank has? Caixa is already known as one of the banks that offers good conditions and interest, but to make the mortgage requires care, as there are also risks. But when well thought out and calculated, there is no reason to distrust.

In mortgage, the client gives as collateral to their home or car in exchange for the loan, this is also known as refinancing. The Mortgage makes both the mortgage and the vehicle, but the conditions of assessments, payment and interest may vary, so it is recommended to do a search before requesting this financial product .

Real Estate Mortgage

If you want to guarantee your property in exchange for the loan , CEF offers the Real Estate Mobile Credit. This modality is aimed at the individual, in which he gives the property as collateral, to obtain the money. With this procedure you do not need to prove to the bank what you will do with the amount received, that is, you do what you want with it. Obvious, as long as it is used with caution! About the conditions:

  1. Loan of up to 60% of the value of your property
  2. Payment in up to 20 years (240 installments)
  3. Discounted installments in the account, ie, convenience when paying


Rules of Mortgage



To make a simulation to apply for Mortgage of Property Box , know the rules: you must have an account in the bank, the house must be removed and in your name. What’s more, it can not have financial backlogs, such as IPTU delays. If you are in compliance with the rules, go to an agency and present the documents as: RG / CPF, Proof of Marital Status, Proof and income and residence and the registration of the property.

Already to know how much interest you will pay, just doing a simulation, because this can vary greatly from the value of the property, payment options. Caixa usually presents good conditions and interest, compared to other financial institutions. To know more and know the regulation, click here:


How Auto Cash Advance Works


Now if you think about putting your car as collateral for the operation, the conditions are different compared to the house. In this mode known as Auto Contribution you can get that extra money you need so much. The conditions are these:

1-Release of up to 70% of the value of the car;

2-Payment in up to 48 months, ie, four years;

3- Payment is made by debit to account;

How Mortgage Cash Box Works

Some rules are very clear in the Cashier and the value of the loan may vary depending on the manufacture of the vehicle. For example: the vehicle with up to two years of manufacturing, the customer gets up to 70% of the value of the car as a loan. But the value varies if the vehicle has between 3 and 5 years of manufacturing, there is released up to 60% of the value of the car as a loan.

The documents requested to request this financial product are: CPF and RG, proof of Income and Residence, document of the vehicle in your name, personal documents of guarantors and / or guarantors, forms and the records of registration and documentation of the vehicle. To know more and know the regulation, click here.


Am I in debt? Is it Worth It to Make a Mortgage?



After being well acquainted with the rules and conditions of the real estate mortgage Box you must be wondering: is it really worth doing? Yes it is! But really if you need a lot of money, such as paying a very high debt, then yes it’s worth it. Just because you have a longer term to pay, and interest rates are lower.

But it is not worth doing home mortgage loan or car loan if you do not know how you will use this amount. In case, if you need a little money, it is recommended to make a personal loan. Even if the monthly interest rate is higher, if you can not afford it you will not risk losing your property or car.

In addition to Caixa, the other major banks also have mortgages in their portfolio of financial products

  • Bank of Brazil Property Mortgage
  • Mortgage of Property Banco Itau Unibanco
  • Bradesco Property Mortgage

So if you are in debt and do not know how to get out of the “red”, use this financial product with caution and planning. Be aware at the time of making, are fixed and monthly installments and in case you can not pay, then yes the bank can file an appeal to pawn the property or car. In any case, if you organize, do a research and then yes close the deal!

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