Credit for Land Purchase And Rural Property – Which Is Better?



Purchase of land and rural property. We know that rural producers and small farmers are one of the fundamental parts of the Brazilian economy. Family farming is one of the sectors that has suffered most from the current crisis and the reforms that have been taking place since the change of government. Moreover, the lack of economic stability has greatly complicated the lives of these workers. But how to make financing for land purchase and rural property ?

How to obtain credit for land purchase and rural property?

For all this, more than ever, these workers and this sector of the economy need every possible support. The rural producer has several options when looking for investments and credit to improve his business. Whether by federal government incentives or even private banks, loans to farmers, rural and alternative financing can be obtained to improve the business of those who live on the land.

The rural producer who is interested in asset financing has several possibilities to get the resources it needs. It all depends on your case. The best option, especially for small producers, is to start looking for incentives offered by the government.

There is also the possibility of seeking direct loans from banks or financial institutions. Each of these entities has its conditions. Knowing the best type of loan for you requires research. The National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) has specific programs for rural producers. You can request the BNDES Rural card to obtain credit and finance the purchase of rural properties and land .

To obtain this card, the applicant must be a rural producer and a natural person, with gross annual sales of up to 300 million reais, resident and domiciled in the country. It is also necessary to be in a regular situation and with documentation up-to-date.

Access the website There the rural producer must fill in some information. After that, he goes to the bank selected to make the loan and signs a compromise. This type of card and the credit offered is for individuals only.

Know the Land Credit Program


Another possibility for those seeking financing is the program of the Secretary of Family Agriculture and Agrarian Development, Sead, the National Land Credit Program (PNCF). This program is aimed at the family farmer and aims to encourage the development of the small rural farmer.

Those who intend to use this benefit must meet certain requirements. The producer can not be a public servant or have previously benefited from any Agrarian Reform program. He must be a rural worker or the son of family farmers or a student of agro-technical schools, aged between 18 and 29 years.

In addition, the annual family income of the beneficiary must vary from 9 thousand to 30 thousand reais and equity between 15 thousand and 60 thousand reais, depending on the line accessed. The beneficiary has 20 years to repay the loan debt.

Those who are interested in obtaining this benefit should seek the Union of Rural Workers or Family Farming in their municipality or contact the State Technical Unit.

Important steps when applying for rural credit



Buying land and investing in rural land can be a good idea for anyone looking for a safe and profitable venture. Despite the risks and the mishaps, this is still one of the most guaranteed investments for those who want tranquility and a fuller end of the month.

The credit or loan for buying land and rural property is a good way for you to get money for that purpose. However, before you apply for the loan, really understand your needs and be punctual with your commitments. Research and study are key at this stage of your business.


Tips for applying for a rural credit for land purchase



Assess whether the amount of benefits is in your spending budget. Make sure you can pay for everything on time and avoid interest rates. Know well the land you will buy. If possible, visit before to see if you will not have any extra expenses.

The interested in requesting credit to buy a land or rural property must know how much of their budget is willing and able to commit to realize this dream. See if applying for the loan is the best solution for you and evaluate the best option. Saving your business is possible, yes. Study your possibilities.

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